I've regressed to being 14

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This sofa is for special people

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Awwww, Gays

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Beautiful Hoxton Square

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Celebrate ME

A group of my friends had a dinner party to celebrate me finishing Uni FOREVER. I had been thinking about melon and ham for a few days and somehow it ended up on the menu. Cosmic ordering seems to be going well at the moment. Morris - the artist - made it look all pretty, and kind of 80s kitsch.

This gave me nightmares


Atleast I didn't get shot

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On me back on Hackey Downs

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A fish bowl a day...

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My kinda birds

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So true



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Sushi feast

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I don't usually like labels

But i this one i do. Alot.


I went to my friend Steph's end of second year fashion show tonight. Her look was THE best, but i didn't get any pictures due to there not being a front row for me to sit on. The afterparty was in the same venue, under the arches at London Bridge. The highlight of the night was Wizard Sleeve/Sydney Samson of 'Riverside' fame MCing. I was well close.

I really got into the ghetto spirit of the night as you can see.

I really like this picture. Its good you can't see his face because he was a bit fug.



Another Place

I took Iona to Crosby beach today. The sun came out and we even took in some modern art.
The bronze moulds of his body are positioned all along the beach at various distances apart and into the water. It takes a bit of time to realise its not nutters in the water and just the bronze moulds.

I couldn't help myself.

Gardeners World

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Hotel times

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I'm on the list. Are you?

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Mirrors on the ceiling

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Dean's mums calendar. Fit.

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Good night

I'll be sleeping tight in my one=piece sleep wear.

Who knew?


There's nothing we can do to stop it now

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If i were to die

I would want to be buried in a coffin from Ghana. Apparently its all the craze to be buried inside your favourite object. Such as...

I think i would like a Mr Freeze coffin. Or a Rick Owens coffin, which probably don't exist, but would be black, angular and covered in antlers.



I just came across the line-up for this years Melt! festival. AMAZING. I know i say that a lot, but it really does have to be one of the best in terms of electro aka. good music. Booka Shade, Goldfrapp, The XX, Fred Falke, Jonsi, Sinden, Popof, Groove Armada, Massive Attack, Four Tet. Check out the full list here.
This festival is held in a completely mind blowing setting called Ferropolis. If you can't be bothered clicking the link, heres some pictures...

This crane is called 'The Big Wheel'.

Last year i saw James Holden and DJ Sick DJ from inside the crane which for some unknown reason was morphing into some sort of transformer/robot. Despite Snappy Snaps on Bond St losing my disposable cameras and therefore all my physical memories of the festival, i won't EVER forget it. I still have my wristband on, and its staying on till its rots/falls off.
If you are looking for a festival this summer then GO TO MELT! Cheaper, with better music and better people than anything England has to offer.


I'm feeling so out of this world

I'm gunna be a Castro boy.

So after Burning Man Festival at the end of summer we have 3 days in San Francisco before coming back to London. Thats amazing as it is. But we just booked to stay at The Inn on Castro. Thats where Harvey Milk was based during his campaign to become the first elected openly gay man to be elected to public office in American history. If you haven't seen the film, this is the Castro...

The fact the Inn is decorated in a completely kitsch/gay/70s way makes it even better.

Better get buying my tight white tees, light stone washed denim and aviators. SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW.


Kensington Palace Gardens

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Mammary Clouds

Or to put it scientifically 'mammatus clouds'. Who would have thought i would have come across something as cool as this after casually googling the word mammary?!

They get their name because they look like udders. Or boobs. Simple as that really. This is my 'learn something new every day' something for today.


Face on face

Found these images on eastvillageboys. I think they are from the the 'Big Art Group' or something. I wonder if one day we will be able to digitally create an image of a face or an emotion, perhaps constantly changing as your real face does throughout the day, and wear it was a mask?

Intellectual Conversation

As always.

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Totes Exciting

My first ride on the newly rebranded East London Line. Now London Overground. Nice trains and 15 mins from New Cross to Shoreditch is pretty good. Shame i'll only ever need to use it 4 more times.

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I've made up my mind

How could you not vote Tory after reading this?

LOLing in the library

My friend Peter writes various blogs, you can see them here, here and here. Perhaps my favourite was his short lived project of taping conversations at parties then transcribing them for us to relive our pure unadulterated genius at a later, sober, date. This is perhaps my favourite extract. Sorry to anyone who i distracted with laughing just now in the library.

Now, back to revision.

If you like then you shoulda put a ring on it

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Every Saturday for about 3 years between the ages of 7 - 10 my Grandad would take me to Blockbusters in Widnes and rent Bedknobs and Broomsticks on VHS for me watch. AMAZING. In recent times this has become something of an anthem with me and my friends.

This is THE perfect song for hot boxing a bathroom and having a group shower with your friends after 2 days of partying.