Going on a jet plane...

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Somethings not quite right about this

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Paragraph 175

I'm pretty ashamed of myself for being a gay history student and never considering the lack of attention given to the suffering of homosexuals at the hands of the Nazi's before and during WW2. It never even crossed my mind till today when i watched this.
Narrated by Rupert Everett, but largely based on the memories of the few survivors willing to talk about their past, this documentary reveals one section of German society that has still not successfully received recognition of their persecution. In fact, neither of the German nations to emerge after WW2 repealed Paragraph 175 until, 1967 (East Germany) and 1968 (West Germany). Up until this period gay men still faced arrested and imprisonment albeit not to the same extent as during the Nazi era. Perhaps most shocking is that following the war, all those convicted under the legislation were classified as criminals, and have still not to this day had their names cleared or received any recognition of their status as victims of the Nazi party.
If these men can live through what they did, and still be proud to be themselves, then the narrow minded bigots we occasionally come across are little more than a blip on the radar.


Chanel Music

My favourite track from Remember Now.


On Brewer St does the most amazing red wine and cheese fondu. A mouthful of wine and fondu at the same time was fit. Thank you heather.


National Treasure

I went to a lecture last Tuesday given by Sir David Attenborough. One of my idols, crushes and someone i have considered stalking. Seeing him in the flesh was on the list of something i wanted to do before i died (or he died?).

Just seeing him made me excited but actually hearing his voice in real life gave me a little tingle. And made me gasp. Along with Dean, Issy and Iona.

He told us that his favourite animal is the humming bird and that his favourite animal call is that of the Lyre Bird. Below is a clip from his program 'The Life of Birds'.

I have also stepped up my stalking campaign. We are going to Lyme Regis to see another lecture in October.


Feeling ill today

So spent a few hours after getting home from work looking at pictures of Baptiste Giabiconi aka. John Baptiste. F.I.T.

If you've got it. I want to see it. St Tropez.

Chanel Fall Couture 2010.

Then i watched this on repeat for a bit. And then downloaded the music in it. Beautiful people. Beautiful clothes.

I love how they have been caning it all night but still look flawless. 'This is St Tropez'.


Beauty on the bus

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Oh, hey Dries

Van Noten.

As IF i didn't know this existed?!

Subscription please.


TFL branding is amazing

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Westminster rainbow

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Child Catcher

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Behind Brick Lane